Photos and texts out of interviews with persons from different countries and professional groups.

Interview excerpt

Haraldur 53, Reykjavik/Iceland | Sculptor

When I think about perspective I immediately think about a centre or a “Fluchtpunkt” in German; everything is going to one direction as a “Ziel” or aim, but for me there are many perspectives; it’s not like a centrifugal. I don’t see my life and my art practise as something which is going into one defined direction, it’s more like there are multiples, a constellation of or like a spider – where is the “Fluchtpunkt” of a spider? It is the same in my work, I am a sculptor, which is about the space and the body and everything except painting. In relationship with this tactile, sensitive three-dimensional things are not a representation of reality.


Q.: Does the space get broader when you close your eyes?

Yes. There are no limits, no perspective, no horizon, no verticals or horizontals or diagonals, just you are in this kind of space which is by moving in darkness like the universe, by moving you mould the curse…

On the DIN A2 image-text-sheets first name, age, place and profession are mentioned. So the viewer gets an idea of the context the person comes from. This means which country, which city or which village, but also the professional group, which might differ in their type of thinking from others being influenced by the job they do. Age delivers the period of time the person has had for his / her personal development….